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Differentiate between MIS VS DSS
Posted on Mon - Aug - 26 - 2013
Differentiate between MIS VS DSS
MIS stands for Management information system. This is used to manage the information. 
Where as DSS stands for Decision making system.
  1. MIS

    1. MIS makes structured decisions.

    2. MIS reports are based on routine flows of data.

    3. MIS are regular and recurring.

    4. MIS places emphasis on efficiency of decision.

    5. Structured information flows in MIS

    6. MIS presentation are in form of reports.

    7. MIS is traditional systems development.

  2. DSS

    1. DSS makes semi-structured, unstructured decisions.

    2. DSS focus on specific decisions or classes of decisions.

    3. The need of DSS can be irregular.

    4. DSS provides strategic information.

    5. DSS emphasizes change , flexibility , quick responses.

    6. DSS presentation are in form of graphics.

    7. DSS develop through prototyping , interactive process.

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